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Content Creator Chronicles at Kamoka Camp

Kamoka Camp has now been open to the public for 1 month and we are so glad of the result! Our first guests were delighted by their experience and really enjoyed the comfort of the tiny houses surrounded by the bush. Last weekend was a new and great experience for the camp as we were visited by 2 content creators, The P Team travels (@thepteam). You can see what they do by looking up at their awesome website here. They enjoyed 2 days of responsible activities and got to discover their country in a new light even though they are both South African! They also had some time to relax and unwind on the terrasse. 

The weekend began with a visit to Kamoka Camp and a quick lunch at DAKTARI Bush School & Wildlife Orphanage. We then left quickly to join the Eco Club, which is the community outreach program of DAKTARi where Kamoka Camp guests can exclusively take part in. The happy couple got to take some amazing footage of the children learning and also get a better understanding of the environmental challenges that DAKTARI is trying to solve. We then returned just on time for an epic sundowner at the famous Leopard rock located on our game reserve. There they got to enjoy the sunset while also exchanging with all the volunteers from various nationalities present at the NGO. This was a real chance to share their experience and come together in a common space. They then returned to their tiny house for a long awaited braai under the stars.

The next morning they were greeted by Nyalou the Nyala, a former orphan of the NGO that was eating peacefully next to the camp. We then were on our way to the village for a cooking lesson and a visit to the village with Maakosha an elderly woman from the nearby community. After a visit to the village landmarks like the school, the marketplace and even a quick stop at the river. Then it was time for our guests to cook pap, a traditional meal, on the open fire guided by Maakosha. We all sat together and ate our local meal while sharing stories and experiences about living in different cultures. This was a truly magical experience for our guest and they even described it as “life changing”. We are so pleased that they enjoyed their stay with us and got to discover South Africa a little bit differently.

We take immense pride in the transformative experience The P Team travels had at Kamoka Camp, unveiling a South Africa unseen. If you’re a content creator seeking unique escapades or accommodations, we invite you to join hands with us. With tailored rates and clear terms, together, we can weave narratives that inspire and uplift. Come, let’s craft stories that echo beyond time.

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