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What makes our camp so special is our close proximity with the local NGO DAKTARI Bush School & Wildlife Orphanage!

child holing meerkat animal.

Established in 2006, DAKTARI is a renowned organization dedicated to environmental education, operating primarily through its wildlife orphanage. Each week, DAKTARI welcomes groups of children from nearby villages, immersing them in hands-on lessons on environmental conservation. International volunteers lead educational sessions, empowering the children to become stewards of the environment. It’s important to note that all the animals housed at DAKTARI are carefully cared for and are unable to return to the wild due to various reasons.

DAKTARI’s impact extends far beyond its gates, over the years it earned the trust and respect of the local community. The Bush School has already enriched the lives of over 4,000 children from the region, instilling in them a deep appreciation for nature and wildlife conservation. In addition to their on-site environmental education program, dAKTARI also leads a Community Outreach Program where they widen their impact to the local schools. Indeed twice a week the volunteers go to the schools and do follow up lessons with the children about the environment and South Africa’s natural heritage.

In today’s rapidly changing world, organizations such as DAKTARI play a pivotal role in safeguarding the future health of our planet. By raising awareness and nurturing a sense of passion and belonging among the younger generation, they pave the way for a sustainable future for our environment.

It is through initiatives like those undertaken by DAKTARI that we ignite environmental consciousness in the hearts of tomorrow’s leaders. By instilling a deep-rooted connection to nature and wildlife, we empower young minds to become advocates for change and guardians of our precious ecosystems.

DAKTARI and Kamoka Camp are in partnership and hope to encourage conscious ways of travelling where guests can discover South Africa in a new light, closer to its people.

How can you get involved?

DAKTARI welcomes volunteers from all over the world to help teach the children. You can volunteer from 1 week up to 12 weeks! No prior teaching experience is needed as you will be guided by 2 local volunteer coordinators and will have a teaching book in hand all the time detailing each lesson. This is a great way to make an impact on local children and to raise awareness about the environmental issues that we are facing.

As DAKTARI relies entirely on donations to survive, your support becomes an essential lifeline, enabling the organization to welcome more children and safeguard South Africa’s precious natural heritage. Together, we can ensure the project’s long-term sustainability and create a brighter future for all. Whether it’s through regular monthly contributions or one-time donations, your decision to stand by DAKTARI holds immense significance. You can choose which program to donate to and get monthly updates on where your money is going.